Our Values & Our Vision

Margaret Namuleme Ssebowa


Salt and Light Prism Arts, is an online Art store created by British-African, Hertfordshire based artist Margaret N Ssebowa.

Specialising in high quality, feel good, hassle free and ready to hang wall art, the mission of Salt & Light Prism, is to bring light relief, joy, and escapism from the dullness and the darkness that life sometimes presents to us.

“I want my artwork and my designs to uplift, bring positivity and evoke an instant “feel-good factor”, (MN Ssebowa).

Salt and Light Prism is about bold, bright expressions of colour, revelling in the colour prism and celebrating the many beautiful, exquisite and alluring colours within nature and the world around us.

The artist’s work is all about colour, explored through the abstract and the semi abstract; In a form of mixed media paintings and photography, taking influence from nature and it's landscapes; special life scene moments and inspirations from the positives in our world.

Salt & Light Prism cares about being ethically and environmentally conscious, we want to celebrate nature through art, without hurting it in the process. Our unique designs are printed on surfaces and materials handled through Printful, with responsibility and care for our environment as well as the labour involved.

Explore our wide range of beautiful bold canvas prints, breath taking photography prints, professionally framed posters, gifts and much more.

“God is Colour, God is Light, God is Creator and He gave us the Colour Prism”, (MN Ssebowa).

“Keep Calm, Keep Creating”, (Salt and Light Prism).